Blog: Planning your Day Out with your Boat

Planning your Day Out with your Boat

It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do when the weather starts to warm up, and here in sunny Florida, one of our favorite pastimes happens on the water. Taking your boat out is a great way to enjoy the warmer months as a more exciting way to cool off. But when you’re moving away from shore, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered so you’re not backtracking and eating into your day because you’ve got to dock again and again.

That’s why FB Marine has provided some tips for planning your next day out on the water in your boat. If you still need the boat to hit the water on, then stop by one of our locations in Pompano Beach, Miami Beach, and Ft. Lauderdale, near Aventura and Miami.


Before you hit the waters, make sure you have all the right paperwork with you. This should include registration, licensing, and insurance. Make sure they’re in a secure, waterproof container and we highly recommend making photocopies just in case something happens to the real documents. This means keeping your documents on your boat and copies of them somewhere on shore.

Extra Clothing & Blankets

You may not always think of Florida weather as requiring extra layers, but once you pick up speed on your boat, the wind chill might start to create some goosebumps. Consider storing some extra jackets and blankets for anyone who might need a way to warm up. This can also help anyone who gets fairly wet while out on the water. Wet clothes can start to feel cold, especially if the sun is going down.


Speaking of taking care of your passengers, there are other health concerns that you’ll want to keep in mind. Sunny days come with their own risks that you’ll need to prepare for. Make sure you have sunglasses and sunscreen to protect you from the harmful UV rays. You’ll also want to bring along plenty of drinkable water (ironically) to keep everyone hydrated. You might also want to pack supplies to combat seasickness. It’s a quick way to ruin a fun outing. Consider providing snacks so no one’s boating on an empty stomach. There are also drinks that can help settle the stomach, like ginger ale and mint tea. And, of course, some standard sea sickness or motion sickness medication can help those who can’t seem to shake their fatigue or nausea. 

Safety Concerns

On top of health concerns, you’ll want to be thinking about safety. You’ll need all the right supplies in case you find yourself in an emergency situation. Everyone should be wearing a life vest, so be prepared to provide them for all passengers. You’ll also want other gear like fire extinguishers, a life ring, and an emergency kit for if you get lost or stranded. This kit will likely include signaling supplies and first-aid. Check the weather the morning of your outing to avoid getting surprised by a sudden storm. Also let someone on shore know where you’re going to be and when. That way, if something bad does happen, you have someone back home who can notify the right people to find you. 

This will hopefully help you get started in preparing for a day on the water in your boat, but every outing is going to be a little different. Plan your day in a way that’s going to help you and your crew make the most of your next outing. If you need a boat to help you out, then stop by FB Marine and we’ll show you all the models we have available right now. We welcome all patrons from Pompano Beach, Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Aventura, and Miami, Florida.