Contender Bay and Fisharound Boats

Contender Boats Contender Boats Contender Boats Contender Boats

Stay in the Game with a Contender.

Choose a Contender Bay or Fisharound Boat for an exceptional day of cruising and casting your line.

Command your waters with solid power and handling at your fingertips. Contender Bay and Fisharound Boats feature state-of-the-art amenities to meet the highest standards most serious of fishing enthusiasts. Various features include a stable tower for complete control of your vessel, durable, hand-laid fiberglass construction, and innovative electronics packages.

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FB Marine Group carries a complete line of Contender Bay and Fisharound Boats. Please feel free to browse our most popular Contender boats below and contact us to board yours today!

Contender Bay Boats

Love calm days of offshore and inshore cruising? Then the Contender Bay boat is for you. With a fully-customizable dashboard, livewells, and jump seats, the Contender Bay boat has all the amenities for a relaxing day of fishing and relaxation on the water.

Contender Fisharound Boats

Built for comfort and optimized for speed, the Contender Fisharound boat is the culmination of everything that makes a supreme tournament fishing boat. The attention to detail and convenient fishing features, including a 500-gallon fuel tank capacity, solid captain’s tower, and livewell rigging, is what sets this model apart from all other fishing boats.