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Victory Boats

Victory Boats For Sale in Florida

Sometimes when people talk about fast powerboats, they don’t mean fast for a commercial boat. They want the real kind of fast. The kind of fast that wins races and takes names. And who better to supply you with that kind of boat than a builder whose very roots are in racing? 

Here at FB Marine Group, we’re proud to announce the arrival of some of the first powerboats available to the public from Victory Team, one of the world’s most prestigious racing teams, located in Dubai. Their cutting edge models come with the kind of features that allow them to get ahead of the competition, so they’ll give you all the thrills and knots you’ll want out on the water.

They come fully equipped with comfortable seating and powerful engines, so there’s no part of these models that you won’t love. And they’re available here at our dealership, right now. Whether you’re from Pompano Beach, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach, Florida, you’ll definitely want to check these models out for yourself, even if it’s just to gawk.

Featured Victory Boat Models:


27 VTX Cat

Diving in with the 27-footer, the 27 VTX Cat comes with a Mercury Racing 300R V-8 outboard engine for maximum power and speed. It’s designed to cut through the water with ease, while also offering comfortable seating and a sleek finish.


32 Race Cat

After traveling around boat shows for months, the 32 Race Cat is now here at our dealership. It comes with automobile-like handling, so you’ll feel right at home in a cockpit that cuts out most of the noise, so you can still spend time on the water.


34 VTX Cat

For the biggest model, you’ll want to check out the 34 VTX Cat. It’s more aerodynamic and ergonomic and incredibly light, so you can reach tops speeds with ease. Plus, its durable materials will let you use your boat for as long as you feel the need for speed.

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